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Premium Soda Ash at the Best Possible Price

Soda Ash Direct is a part of BriChem Supply Corporation, headquartered in Denver, Colorado. BriChem Supply Corporation purchases large quantities of Soda Ash directly from the plant, and stores it in Denver, Colorado and Leetsdale, Pennsylvania.

Established in 2005, the company was acquired by Canadian corporation Bri-Chem in June 2011.

Efficient Methods + A Focus on Customer Needs = Great Service

We purchase soda ash from the source, store it in a carefully controlled environment, and sell it in custom quantities, at wholesale prices.

Soda Ash Direct was established to offer sodium carbonate to businesses and organizations that need less than a rail car load. We can ship soda ash to small businesses, educational institutions, governmental entities and individuals for use in water and pool treatment, detergents and environmental cleaning, and manufacturing, hand-crafting, and dyeing—anywhere in the United States. Our product is premium quality sodium carbonate. It is mined in Green River, Wyoming from the largest known deposit of trona, supplied to us by producers at the site, and delivered to our warehouses in Denver for packaging and shipment to companies throughout the U.S. By purchasing soda ash produced through the most inexpensive method, and using our expertise in efficient shipping methods, we provide customers with a superior product at the best possible price.