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Soda ash is a white, odorless powder. It is stable, not flammable, explosive or toxic. Three primary grades are produced:

Dense Soda Ash: Dense soda ash, an anhydrous substance, is an important industrial chemical and is used in the manufacture of many products.

Washing Soda: Washing soda is a hydrous substance made by combining light soda ash with additional water molecules. It is used most often to improve the cleaning properties of detergents and soaps.

Light Soda Ash: Light Soda Ash is used as a buffering/pH regulator in many industrial processes.

Soda Ash Direct primarily stocks the dense grade of soda ash, but can supply other grades as needed, as well as sodium bicarbonate. Call us at 303-722-1681 and ask!

Uses of Soda Ash (Sodium Carbonate)

Industrial Chemical Use: Because it is highly soluble, sodium carbonate is used in many chemical reactions. It is used as raw material for the manufacture of fertilizers, synthetic detergents, and dyes and coloring agents. It is also used as a chemical agent in the petroleum and enameling industries.

Detergent Production: Sodium carbonate is replacing the phosphates previously used in many household detergents. Many common cleaning products include varying amounts of soda ash as part of their formula.

Environmental Applications: Soda ash is used to treat and improve the alkalinity of lakes affected by acid rain. And, it acts to reduce the acid content of power plant emissions.

Glass Production: Sodium carbonate is an important component of glass, and is used to reduce the melting point of silica.

Metallurgy: Soda ash is used to de-calcify or remove sulfurs and phosphates from some ferrous and non-ferrous ores. It is used in the recycling of zinc and aluminum.

Other Commercial Uses: Sodium carbonate is used as a component of pool and spa treatment chemicals to decrease the acidity of the water. It is sometimes used in soil preparation, preparing pulp for the making of paper, and in the manufacture of glues and sealants.

There are numerous additional non-commercial uses for soda ash, including in many artistic and creative endeavors.

When you need sodium carbonate, call Soda Ash Direct. We can supply high quality soda ash at wholesale prices and with fast service.